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Joy Costume from Inside Out Movie

Joy was a fun costume & was an inspiration for the trick or treaters as I work at a children’s hospital and dress up for the patients every year , I also have two young granddaughters . From the movie inside out Joy was a good character for sick children and I have more fun than the children . This costume took some time , made the head of paper mache , blew up large ballon & covered ballon in newspaper with flour & water mixed for papier-mâché, put about 12 layers of paper on ballon , waited until fully dry before the next layer of newspaper , popped ballon & cut out eyes and mouth , painted white , let dry , layer with material , left lumpy spots in hair area ,

Used screen & painted with craft paint & put in eyes & mouth with glue . Covered hair in felt & material . Wore tights , dress , gloves & slippers , cheap @ Walmart .

Joy was a complete hit , handed out candy & took tons of pictures at the children’s hospital I work at . Also went trick or treating with the Granddaughters & Joy was a huge hit with all .

More deatil if needed . Oh Joy was it fun to be Joy !

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