Welcome aboard the black Pearl with Captain Jack Sparrow and his mate Elizabeth Swann. It is a pirate ship like no other. The ship was created out of a storage Tub and a hospital wash tub attached together with nuts and bolts.

  • A piece of wood and wheels were added to the bottom, for traveling.
  • Chicken wire was attached to the front to form the boat.
  • Two old pillows were used for stuffing as well as loose stuffing for the center for the comfort of the dogs.
  • PVC pipes and fittings were used to make the handle for pulling.
  • Brown material covers the entire boat to make it look like wood.
  • Dowling was added for the flags.  Netting and plastic was added as for the pirates climbing ability.
  • Skulls were added, after all it’s a pirate ship.
  • Trinkets and chains, were added,  using hot glue and super glue as treasures.
  • PVC pipes were cut and painted black as peep holes in the center of the boat.
  • Fencing was stained and added as the side ridges of the ship.
  • Pirates were added in lookout towers under the flags.
  • Pop tops off soda cans were used as the ropes connectors to the ship.
  • Ruffle material was added to the bottom of the ship to make it look like waves hitting.
  • Jack and Elizabeth’s hats are made of leather material, clothes hangers, feathers lace, ribbon, stretchy material as the bandana.
  • Their outfits have trinket guns and leather straps to hold the guns, finished off with trinkets for making jewelry.

No pattern was used for the ship or the clothes, just imagination, and images I found on it internet.

It’s nice to see people appreciate my work.  They grab their cell phones and ask if I would allow them to take a photo, and tell me how amazed they are.

Thanks for looking I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.