Its Time to Haunt

I had a really hard time coming up with a costume idea this year, which, I’m sure is common for most. But this year, I really wanted to go above and beyond the average norm. I wanted to scare people out of their shoes, I wanted to make this year a memira le one for sure.

Everythingg I was coming up with has been done before, or was just  cheesy. I looked high and low, brainstormed for hours, and out of no where, I finally got my inspiration right from my own backyard. I have a jet black horse, a friesian, the same breed of horse used in the movie Lord of the Rings that are supposedly dead, haunted and forever searching for “the one ring to rule them all.” So after laughing for a moment out of excitement for what had popped through my mind, I had come to a decision on what it was going to be. This was it, the costume that was going to be above and beyond all expectations.

I twisted that idea with the headless horseman and made my own unique version if this years spook. I wanted to see all of my neighborhood reactions if I were to dress as the headless Horseman and silently walk the streets on horseback while all the kids were trick-or-treating. So I did exactly that, my horse and I haunted the streets of my neighborhood and left a spooky atmosphere every step that we made.

It was a big hit and I got a lot of great smiles and also a lot of great scares out of the Local Trick-Or-Treaters, and their parents! There was one point where I was almost mobbed with people lining up to take pictures with the headless Horseman. Definitely worth a repeat for next year!

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