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Invisible Kids: A Halloween Costume with a Twist

My kids were adamant about having unique costumes this Halloween. After exploring ideas online, they settled on invisibility. The challenge now fell upon me to figure out how to make them disappear. I had my doubts about their enthusiasm for these costumes, as their faces would be completely covered. Undeterred, we embarked on a journey of shopping, research, and discovery to make this invisibility dream a reality.

Crafting the Illusion

We unearthed fantastic clothing at a local thrift store and discovered breathable, see-through fabric at a nearby fabric store. Armed with zip ties, adhesive Velcro, and my trusty hot glue gun, I was determined to make magic happen. Cardboard was strategically placed to raise their shoulders to the height of their heads, while rods provided stability for their hats. It took several trial runs and modifications to achieve perfection.

Overcoming Challenges and Unveiling the Illusion

The biggest hurdle we faced was keeping the hats in place. Our initial plan involved using heavy-gauge wire, but it proved inadequate, causing their hats to sag. This prompted our first modification: we reinforced the hats with fiberglass rods, ensuring their upright stance.

On our next trial run, we encountered another challenge – the hats had a tendency to sway to the side. To address this issue, we added a ribbon behind their shoulders, effectively anchoring the hats in place.

Witnessing the reactions of others has been an absolute delight. It’s fascinating to observe how individuals of different ages perceive their costumes. Adults tend to analyze and decipher the illusion fairly quickly. Older children express curiosity and excitement upon realizing the location of their faces. Younger children, on the other hand, are either captivated by the costumes or react with fear. Regardless of their reactions, everyone has been pleasantly surprised, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing the smiles on their faces.

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