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Insanely Awesome Light-Up Seahorse Costume!

This was the best costume I ever created, yet definitely the hardest to maintain and transport!  The majority of it is actually made up of coat hangers and duct tape, so while it didn’t cost much, there was a lot of heart, soul, and effort put into this bad boy!

Step #1:  Build the base and tail by cutting coat hangers into specific sizes, each getting larger toward the top. You’ll need really good wire cutters, and at least 30 coat hangers.

Step #2:  Figure out how to make a seahorse head. This literally was done by looking at another seahorse on this website!

Step #3:  Duct tape it all together and super glue where it doesn’t stay

Step #4:  Add battery operated lights

Step #5:  Wrap sheer organza fabric around it, and super glue where necessary

Step #6: Add googley eyes!




Insanely Awesome Light-Up Seahorse Costume!

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