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Inner Tigress Costume Idea: You’re Gonna Hear Me ROAR!

This inner Tigress coming out face painting  was a last-minute costume that required very little effort. I wanted something quick but high-impact. I used face paint from CVS and it worked fine for me), and followed the picture as best i could. I am an artist, so if you are entirely inexperienced, have a friend come over and do it for you!

I did my “real” face first and then painted over it. I drew the black lines first to guide me and filled in with the color and details. For a great effect, be sure to change your hairstyle on one side of your head. Mistakes can be fixed with the wipe of a damp washcloth and use face paint specifically for this. Water-based acrylic would probably work, just don’t get too near your eyes!

Got a good deal of stares and compliments. Most people just stole glances at me, trying to figure out what I was. I think I scared a few kids when they saw my “Tigress” face, because from one side I look completely normal. I wore a black bodysuit and made a tail out of a black sock and put on cat ears. Overall, this costume was pretty quick and simple! It took about 20 minutes and was super fun! It was different and I got tons of compliments!

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