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Human Tetris Group Costume for 4 Girls

Every year we create our own group costume for 4 girls that go out for Halloween. Each year we put a lot of thought into our costumes and try to come up with something original. We veer strongly against the typical “sexy” girl halloween costume. We had a brilliant idea of bringing a childhood love to life, and there our human Tetris group costume idea was created.

Coming up with the idea was easy, bringing it to life was a whole different ball game.

We went through MANY test models trying to get this ride. Finally we resorted to cardboard boxes. And not just any cardboard boxes could work. In order to be the long stick tetris piece we needed a very long and narrow box. For the L and the Z pieces this would be a bit trickier and required piecing certain boxes together. When we finally had all of the shapes figured out we covered them each in a different shiny metallic material and then used black duct tape to outline the boxes so that you could see the shape.

The most important part of our Tetris group costume was to actually get the shapes to go together Tetris style when we stood together. After many, many hours we had success!

Now how the heck were we going to get these things to stay on?? We created built-in suspenders on the inside so that we could just wear them over our shoulders (think sandwich sign holder). For our L and our long piece we also made detachable helmets with the top pieces.

Getting in and out of doors with our Tetris group costume was tricky. The Z had to always enter sideways while the L and stick pieces had to duck through doorways. We were definitely the fan favorites everywhere we went. It isn’t every day you see human Tetris pieces strolling down the street!

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