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Coolest Tetris Costume

This is a picture of my friends and I in our 2008 Tetris Halloween costumes. We took one-and-one-half foot by one-and-one-half foot boxes and wrapped them with different colors of wrapping paper like in the game Tetris. We tried to match the colors accordingly. Then we formed shapes with the many boxes to make Tetris pieces. We kept them together by using black or gray duct tape.

We cut holes in the boxes so that we could stick our heads out. We also matched the color of our pants, socks, and shirts to go with the color of the Tetris piece. When we came together we formed seven pieces of the Tetris game and they all fit together like the game.

It took us about three hours to make everything but it was so worth it to see our final creation. We came about this idea after playing a life-sized game of Tetris in Texas and thought that it would make a great Halloween costume.

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  1. To the people who made this costume…. how do you make it??? I am really interested in doing it for my Halloween costume. I was wondering where you bought your boxes and how you got them to stay on you.


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