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Coolest How to Train your Dragon Family Costume

Each year, our family chooses a Halloween Theme.  It usually takes two to three months of sewing and assembling and raiding of the second hand stores to find what we need.

This year, our favorite movie was How to Train your Dragon. We decided this year to be animated characters,  just a little bit harder than regular characters!

We looked for any and every piece of “fur” we could find.  We found most as animal costumes at the second hand store.  We cut them up and sewed them into vests and used the sleeves as leg warmers.  We also used brown furry towels to get more vests out of it.  We used thermal shirts for everyone.

Astrid was a little tricky.  We used fake leather for her belt and found Halloween heads that we threaded onto her belt.  We also used a flimsy cutting board for her shoulder shields.  We sprayed it silver, cut it in strips, inserted brads into the ends to hold them all together and then attached it to her shirt.

The funnest thing was walking all over the town with our little ones!  Instantly everyone recognized us!  We passed up a “store bought” Astrid, and I do have to say, my girl totally rocked in her costume!

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