It started the day after Halloween last year, when my fiance thought of the idea to make our daughter a dragon rider with a dragon to ride on while trick-or-treating. As this Halloween drew near, we made various trips to craft stores to gather our supplies…mainly faux leather, styrofoam, modeling clay, and hot glue…lots of hot glue! We started with Stoick and Valka, as we had an adult party to attend the weekend before Halloween. Our first night we learned that air dray clay needs 48 hours to dry (we had to substitute plastic horns for the clay made ones) and that self-adhesive velcro does not adhere well to faux leather…we lost a belt medallion and a skirt, haha!

Round two, Halloween trick or treating we learned from our previous outings and carried extra safety pins/supplies with us! We only lost 2 spikes and a styrofoam skeleton from our 2 year olds’ outfit! Not bad!!

How To:

Stoick – green fabric to make a tunic, brown faux fur attached at the shoulders for the cape, shoulder medallions and belt medallion made out of air dry clay over styrofoam discs with designs carved in then attached with fabric, belt and forearms made from faux leather and metal studs affixed with hot glue and velcro, helmet made from foam sheets and air dry clay

Valka – skirt made from faux leather and fur hot glued and velcro, belt made from faux leather and fabric, faux hair ponytail with colored elastics added

Astrid – belt made from faux leather, metal spikes added and hot glued, skulls carved from styrofoam and glued on, headband from faux leather, metal studs, and velcro, shoulders carved from styrofoam balls painted, studded, and distressed

Toothless Dragon stroller – store baought children’s costume cut and fitted around stroller, stuffed with polyfill and wooden dowels to keep its shape, felt and additional fabric sewn in mouth and body