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Homemade Twin Hot Air Balloons Costumes

We like to make our own costumes and for them to be unique. I love using your website for ideas…and seeing how creative people are. Since the girls are twins, we always try to think of things that either come in pairs or that we could duplicate. I had a thought about hot air balloon costumes after a air show last year…looked online to see how some other folks had executed it, and my husband and I started thinking of different ways we could pull it together. We ended up using a 36″ beach ball sitting on a lamp shade (upside down)…lots of duct tape to hold the two together, fabric over the beach ball and lamp shade, a hula hoop with plumping t-bar foam pieces to put the PVC into, zip ties, PVC pipes to hold the basket to the top, and a canvas basket.

My only regret is that we made a hat to look like flames on their head, but there didn’t end up being enough space for the hat to fit. If it did this costume again, I might consider putting the basket on wheels to lessen the weight of the shoulder straps for younger children…and I’d find a way to put a light into the bottom of the balloon that flickered.

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