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Cool Hot Air Balloon Costume for a Toddler

Items you will need to make a hot air balloon costume!

  • 2 wire wreath frames
  • 5 dowel rods
  • sculpture balloons
  • strap and harness to make a buckle
  • felt and elastic to make a flame hat
  • basket
  • ribbon
  • uncooked white beans
  • brown paper
  • tape
  • drill
  • hot glue gun

You will start by cutting the bottom out of your basket so that your legs can fit and you can comfortably walk around. Once you have your hole cut, take four of the dowel rods and figure out what height you need them to be and cut to desired length. Once you have the length you want you then need to place one wire wreath frame at the top and one about middle ways down and make your spot. Then take a drill and drill holes in the dowel rods. You will make 3 holes in each dowel rod. One at the top, one about middle ways down and one at the bit them.

Once you have your holes drilled you will then attach the dowel rods to the basket. This is where the ribbon comes in to play. I tied the dowel rods to the basket by placing the ribbon through the holes and then tying it to the basket. You will place one in each corner of the basket. Once you have them in each corner tied on I recommend that you also secure them by gluing them in place to the basket. Now you are ready to attach the wire wreath frames to the top and middle by also placing ribbon in the dowel rods and tying them to the wreath frames.

Once you have both frames attached you can then blow up the balloons and tie one end to the top wreath frame and one to the second one.  I used about 40-50 balloons for ours. A $3 harness doesn’t have to be worn, but it seemed to even it out for my daughter  and made it easy for her to carry since she is two. You will just attach it to the basket and then but it over the shoulders for extra support. Lastly you will make the sand bags. We didn’t want a lot of weight so we didn’t use real sand. We took brown paper and made the sand bags and filled them with the white beans and then tied them onto the dowel rods with the ribbon.

Then an to make the flame hat all you do is cut flames out of the felt and sew (or glue) them together and we attached elastic to make it stay in her head!

I can’t tell you how many compliments my daughter got while wearing her hot air balloon! She loved it and so did everyone around her!

Cool Hot Air Balloon Costume for a Toddler

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  1. I’m a licensed hot air balloon pilot. Hot air balloons don’t use sandbags, so if you make the burner hat, you don’t have to make the sandbags.


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