Cool Hot Air Balloon Costume

My two year old loves hot air balloons. We live in an area where there are a lot of farms and there are many hot air balloon trips to see the beautiful farmlands. She calls them “up up and away”, this is the reason for the shirt. My husband who teaches special needs children to embroider made the shirt with his students.

The basket I found at our house and cut out the bottom for her to put her legs through. The straps are a vinyl ribbon that looped through the basket. The poles for the balloon are made from PVC pipe. To make the balloon part I used two wire wreath frames and attached them to the PVC pipe. I wrapped different color material around the frames to create the look of the balloon.

For the fire I used a curly ribbon bow from the dollar store. The sandbags on the basket are made with old socks. This hot air balloon costume was fun to make and my daughter wants to wear it all the time.

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