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Amelia Earhart in a Hot Air Balloon Costume

When my daughter asked me to be a hot air balloon for Halloween I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. With the help and brains of my hubby we had this figured out in no time!

Building this was quite simple. We cut out the bottom of a basket and used our snowmobile harness to keep it on her. The balloon was made from an over sized beach ball (which had to be painted with a zillion coats of paint) and we glued a lamp shade to it to foam the perfect balloon shape. We used CPVC pipe for the supports and we made a ring out of sprinkler system hose that the balloon sat in. Some of the clothing was purchased at our local Thirft store. My mother sewed the pilot hat together from a leather jacket also found at the thrift store. The jacket she found has the words “ground control” on it which we put on the front of the hat. A perfect fit! The pilot glasses were made from an old swimming mask that my lovely hubby painted.

Total height of this costume was over 7ft tall which got a lot of reactions and applause from others. People were still talking about it days later. She won her costume contest at school. We visited our local retirement home with our costumes and the residents had a good laugh with our unique costumes.

Amelia Earhart in a Hot Air Balloon Costume

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