Get a cheap basket that has a solid board floor.  Punch the board out and remove all nails.  Get an oversize t-shirt and hot glue the bottom of the t-shirt to the inside of the basket frame.  Now your child can put the shirt on and “wear the basket” without having to hold it.  Next, create the sandbags for the basket by using paper lunch sacks and tie them on using yarn.  We then took our basket to a local balloon shop and picked out a 36″ balloon that was light in color.  The balloon shop inflated the balloon inside of special netting which they then attached to the 4 corners of the basket.  Embellish basket & netting with ribbons.

We used a denim shirt/jacket over the glued-on shirt once my daughter climbed inside.  Then we added a scarf, stocking cap, swim goggles (painted black), and binoculars as a final touch.

This costume was hugely successful for my daughter at school & while trick-or-treating.  Many people assumed that we ordered the costume because it looked so professional.  The balloon shop really helped us make it as cute as it turned out.