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Cool Pilot in a Hot Air Balloon Costume

My son wanted a pilot in a hot air balloon costume. This is what we came up with!

I found a basket large enough for him to comfortably fit in and cut out the bottom. Tied one lunch size paper bag filled with paper with twine to each corner for “sandbags”. I got a flag banner from dollar tree and cut it to size tying it around the whole basket.

To keep the basket on him I got two rolls of wide ribbon from the dollar store. Measured two strips, one over each shoulder and attached the ribbon to the basket. I bought a 3ft balloon and a 3ft balloon net online (Amazon). Filled the balloon with helium and put in inside the net and tied the net strings to the basket. He wore a white long sleeved shirt under a brown vest with a white scarf.

The pilot hat was purchased at a Halloween store for under $5 and we threw snow goggles over the top.

He looked awesome! He was center of attention everywhere we went. Several people asked to take pics with him. Easy, affordable, fantastic costume!

Cool Pilot in a Hot Air Balloon Costume

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