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Awesome DIY Hot Air Balloon Costume

Full of Hot Air

Go big or go home, I knew I wanted to do something over the top. I wanted the outfit to be thought out from head (or above) to toe for my DIY hot air balloon costume! Coordinating colors was a plan from the beginning from the iconic red balloon to the gold accents. The black pilot fighter hat, leather corset, black leggings, black boots and even the dark makeup was a great background for the accents.

DIY Hot Air Balloon Costume Construction

I spray painted the triangle banner pieces and balloon net. This tied directly into the steam punk hardware on the corset and goggles. Also, I knew I wanted more of a natural looking basket but still with a darker feel. So, the one I found was perfect!

I cut out the bottom of the basket minus a bar that was down the middle. But luckily my legs fit perfectly on both sides of it! It was great seeing it all come together almost exactly how I had pictured it.

I have to admit that painting the net and measuring out how long to make the shoulder straps for it to hang on me at the right spot was a very tricky task to say the least. I was extremely happy with the end result! It’s exactly what I was going for, maybe even a little better than expected!

DIY Hot Air Balloon Costume Reactions

So, the free floating red helium balloon inside the gold net I think is the most endearing part. Or maybe how much I’d get tangled up in it. It was pretty funny watching me try to fit in the car, through doorways, into the bathroom etc… every minute hoping I would not pop the balloon off of something! I don’t think I realized how many low hanging “pokey” things you actually come across on a regular day to day basis, lol.

In conclusion, it has been my favorite costume I have made thus far!

diy hot air balloon costume

diy hot air balloon costume

diy hot air balloon costume

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