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Homemade Geico Made of Money Commercial Kids Costume

My son really wanted to make the “made of money guy” costume. At first this seemed easy; then challenging; then easy again. It’s kind of an experiment. When I first started this project I thought finding play money would be easy to find. You could find small amounts here and there but not enough for an entire costume, So, I thought we’d try Kinkos/FedEx for the paper/copy method. When they said it would cost nearly $100 in printing alone I knew I had  to find a better way.

I bought some green paper, found a place that would do copies dirt cheap (5 cents/copy) – 200 copies = $10, then used their paper cutter to cut it up for free. Last was the assembly. This is the most labor intensive and the most fun. Glue gun right to some old clothes. It went together in about 2 hours and was ready to wear.

Enjoy and have fun making your own!

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