Homemade Celia Mae and Boo Costumes

We decided to dress up as the characters of Monsters Inc.  I was Celia Mae, my husband was Sully, my son was Mike and my daughter was Boo.  Well we had to figure out how to make my costume and my daughters costume since they don’t sell these.  I purchased a large purple puffy jacket with a hood and cut off the sleeves, purchased a mop head added black pipe cleaners and two Styrofoam balls as the eyes.  We cut out white pieces of materials and sewed them on around the hood of the jacket as teeth.  Boo costume was done, now we had to figure out how to make the Celia Mae costume.  I found a black dress and had to spray paint it green, I then added the boa around the neck.  I purchased a purple body suit, cut a hole where my eyes are.  I purchased a white mask painted it to look like an eye, then I got a purple nylon and glued a piece on top of the eye to look like an eyelid, I then added black pipe cleaners to look like lashes.  I found a headband and purchased some snakes, we painted them purple and glued them to the headband.  My fear of putting on my costume was that I was going to scare my 22 month old daughter.  I tried it on and she runs up to me yelling Mommy, Mommy!  We go out to trick-or treat the Saturday before Halloween downtown and people were loving the costumes asking us did we purchase them or did we make them, we were stopped for pictures several times.  The same happened on Halloween, people kept pointing at us, telling us they loved our costumes and stopping us for pictures.  The best part is making such great memories for my kids!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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