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Home Depot-Sponsored Halloween Costume for my Disabled Son

One year I went to Home Depot in Santa Ana, Ca and I was looking for items to create my son’s halloween costume. I went to a Home Depot employee to ask where I could get these cardboard inserts that came in boxes of tile. So she took me to where they sell the tiles and told me I could grab as many of those cardboard inserts that come in the box. She asked me what I needed them for and I told her I was making a costume for my son. She told me to hold on and she would be right back. She then proceeds to tell me that anything and everything that I purchase will be on Home Depot.

I was kind of shy grabbing the items I wanted and she took me through the isles and said what do you need? She started grabbing items that I mentioned and basically filled my cart with supplies and Home Depot paid for everything.

In return I promised her that I would come back to the store when I finished the costume to show her the results.

Home Depot Sponsored Halloween Costume for my disabled son

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