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Coolest Homemade Submarine Costume

MATERIALS NEEDED for the homemade submarine costume:

* Garden cart
* Blue satin material ($2)
* Poster board ($2)
* Yellow spray paint ($2)
* Spotlights (battery operated)
* Large silver salad bowl
* EMT electrical conduit
* Extended grabber pincher ($5)
* Boards for seats
* Black electrical tape

We did an “undersea” theme for our costumes in 2009. We always have a wheeled prop that goes along with our theme since we have little boys to bring along and we tend to trick-or-treat for a long time. It also serves as our trick-or-treat bucket holder. My husband came up with and created our submarine. It was spectacular!

He used our garden cart and formed the sub shape out of wire. He covered the wire with poster board and spray painted it yellow. He designed our logo and printed it on clear sticker paper. He decorated the sub with black electrical tape for the stripes.

He included a chair for our submarine pilot and used a toy steering wheel we had for him to steer with. He also built a wooden chair and secured it to the front of the sub for our octopus to sit on. Our octopus was also seat-belted in so he wouldn’t fall out. Our large silver salad bowl served as the submarine nose cone viewing port. It looked so great!!!

He used battery-operated LED flashlights attached to long EMT electrical conduit bent and secured to the garden cart from underneath. This served as safety lighting as well as spotlights to show off our costumes. We had a hand-operated grabber pincher attached through a hole in the front of the sub for our pilot to use when handing out candy. It was perfect.

To finish off the sub, we hot-glued the blue satin fabric around the edge of the garden cart. It looked just like shimmering water while we walked. We got so many great compliments about our “parade float” this year. Can’t wait for 2010!!!

TOTAL TIME: 6 hours

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