Hipster Han Solo and Princess Leia Couple Costume

Inspiration: This is my boyfriend & I! First off. We love Star Wars & are stoked for the upcoming movie. We weren’t planning on dressing up this year but then we got invited to a last minute party so we had to put something together quick, but wanted to keep it unique. I had seen Hipster Disney Princess costumes online that I thought were super clever, but had yet to see one for other characters! So we came up with our own.

Han Solo: Wear an off-white long sleeved collared shirt, black vest, thick black framed glasses, style your hair and wear an optional beanie. + Rebel alliance logo coffee cup which we just used a blank paper cup and sharpie-d the logo. (not pictured: Wearing just normal blue jeans & black shoes. anything stylish works!)

Princess Leia: Wearing an oversized off-the shoulder t-shirt dress. Hair put up in classic Cinnamon Bun style + thick black framed glasses. (not pictured: Wearing ripped tights & black vans. anything stylish works!)

Toy guns would probably be a plus but we didn’t have any nor did we want to spend more money on some. Finger guns worked just fine :P

This costume cost us a whopping $10. The only thing we had to buy was the Han Solo Shirt & Vest, which we scored on eBay for $5 each. Everything else we had in our closet!

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