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Sweetest Little Miss Han Solo(ette) Costume

Make way for Little Miss Han Solo!

My oldest son and I have always been huge sci-fi fans. When he was growing up I would reward him for a good report card by buying him Star Wars figures. He would get one figure for each A on his report card.

I made this easy no-sew costume for his daughter using items found at the thrift store. The shirt, pants and vest are regular clothing. I glued a  ribbon down the sides of the pants to represent the “blood stripe” on Han’s pants. Using a marker I added stipes to the ribbon.

The blaster belt is made from a brown canvas belt that I glued craft foam on to for embellishments. I painted the details on the blaster belt with a silver sharpie.

The boots were from the thrift store. I needed to spray paint them black because they had silver flowers on the sides that I needed to cover up.

We already owned the toy blaster.

This was a quick easy costume I made to amuse my son with. Also, I enjoy dressing  my daughter and granddaughter as strong characters. I want them to know that they are just as capable as men.

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