Hilarious Last-Minute Cupid Costume

I had so many different ideas for Halloween this year and i ended up working so I decided not to go out but last minute plans arised and I had to get something together.

I decided to go as Mickey Mouse but then i ran into red wings and thought to myself i have never seen anyone try to do CUPID!!! I had a red piece of material at home left over from a project i did so i decided to use it as a diaper… During work I ran to Kmart got a white long sleeve t-shirt, white basketball shorts and red hairspray (LOL)

I bought a cheap curly wig, some white gloves and the small red wings from the local Halloween store all for under $25.

Omw to the party i got dressed in the car LOL… Spraying the heart on the white shirt and tieing the diaper!

I loved every second of putting together this costume. At the party everyone was laughing it was the funniest and most creative of the night. I was so excited that everyone loved it and I made them laugh. I took so many pics with ppl all night.

At one point in the night one of the straps on my wings popped and i just threw it over my neck LOL


Hilarious Last-Minute Cupid Costume