I made this Harley Quinn Costume because I love her as a character. I started with a plain black bustier and made fleece pointed cups decorated with diamonds. The shape of the cups was actually a happy accident. I put too much fleece on there planning to trim off the rest, but I loved the pointed shape so much I kept it!

I then spray painted a white tutu with black and red stripes ( DO THIS OUTSIDE!). I took two pairs of leggings  one red and one black and just cut them in half and stitch witched them together. Then I drew on the diamonds, after many failed attempts at attaching fleece diamonds. The shoes are made out of fleece glued on top of an old pair of slip-ons. I sewed the fluffy wristlets with tulle and elastic and made the mask by painting with black fabric paint on plastic wrap and after it dried peeling it off.

The necklace was just simply some amazing ribbon I found. This costume was probably my favorite costume I’ve ever made, although no one seemed to know who I was. I stood out from all the sexy cops and nurses and was so proud I had made it all myself!