Halloween is our favorite holiday. For us it’s about having fun, and being creative. What’s not to love? This year we decided to go as the Red Queen and Mad Hatter. We started early – late summer, searching out all the pieces we would need for our costumes at local thrift stores. We found everything we needed, and then began creating out costumes.

The Mad Hatters hat was even made by us. We crafted it using tag board and wire, and adorned it with found fabrics and old hat pins. His sash of thread is even red thread spools we found.

The Red Queens outfit was a bit more complicated. It is made from an old prom dress, a found velvet top, fabric scraps, and lots of beading. We even made custom pillows to make the hips larger. The hearts were painting on the dress. The scepter was made from a wooden stick, wire, gold duct tape, and some adornments found at a dollar store. The crown was made from tag board and gold duct tape.

We had so much fun making these costumes, and wearing them out on Halloween. The crowd loved them, but best of all we loved them.