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Gone With the Wind Reporter Halloween Costume

It all started when my daughter was about seven.  No, wait.  It started when I was about seven!  My mom always had these clever, low cost, homemade costume ideas.  I just loved them!  My sister always wanted to be a clown.  I, on the other hand, always wanted to be whatever my mom felt like making!  I remember one year I was a spider.  It was made out of a paper sack.  By the time I got in and out, and in and out, of the car, all eight of my spider legs were ripped off. I was sad.

So imagine my delight when my seven year old requested to be a tree for Halloween.  My initial response was, “OK!!!!!!!”  So that is what she was.  An oak tree, complete with a tire swing, a butterfly, and an owl in the trunk hole.  Everyone oooed and ahhhhed over her.  The next year she was a hot air balloonist.  The next year she was John the Baptist (see also that entry), and this year, age 10, she was a weather reporter.

I Googled and Pinterested most of the tips for her costume.  Years ago I read about the newspaper on the leg trick, but was unable to find that post this year.  The wire in the dress I should have made completely around the dress, but it worked.  My husband found a piece of flat wire in the garage to stick the bottom half-a-hoop away  from her.  I had to hot glue the pointy edges of the wire in order to make it less pokey.  The scarf, another coat hanger, pinned to her shirt because it wouldn’t stick up just right.  The umbrella, who hasn’t done this with an umbrella?!  Although, I must add that my husband threw away my first umbrella.  You know, the one that was broken, but I saved for this costume.  I’ve been accused of being a hoarder, and apparently someone thought it was NOT a good idea to save the broken umberella.  So, we had to ruin a good umbrella.  Not my fault!

Anyway – the hair.  I went online in the hopes to find a simple hair “recipe” for stiff stiff hair.  I had heard about egg whites, thought about Aqua Net, and then I found the first youtube video about how to make Liberty Spikes.  I watched and learned.  got2b glued.  That was it.  That was the secret.  I followed his steps strictly, until my husband’s idea worked better.  Ella lied on the counter top, with her hair dangling to the side.  I rubbed in the gel, my husband sprayed as he blew it dry with the blow drier.  Ta-da!  Oh- the microphone.  Image printed from Google, paper towel roll (thanks to me for keeping a couple-just in case!) and a plush  “snowball” we had lying around!  Way fun!

We got tons of compliments. So many people had to stop and take her picture.  I fear we are losing our trick-or-treating friends, because it is boring for them as the givers throw the candy in their bag while smiling and ooooing and ahhhing over the Weather Girl!! (or whatever my daughter thinks up next!)

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