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Coolest Homemade Struck By Lightning Costume

This homemade Struck by Lightning costume was super simple to make and really cheap. I came up with the idea for my son and made the costume in about 1 hour.

First, we bought a plain yellow t-shirt from Michael’s craft store. The t-shirt was on sale for about $2.50. We then went to the Dollar Tree and bought a cheep folding umbrella. Next, I used some fabric puffy paint from the craft store to paint the words “Struck By Lightning” on his t-shirt.

For the burn holes, we inserted a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so as to not burn through to the other side. I then took a lighter and burned various sections of the shirt (I used an old oven mitt to pat out the fire when the hole got to be the desired size). I also did a jagged cut on the bottom of the shirt and burned the edges as well. We then used the same burning technique on the umbrella.

The last step was to use a really stiff hairspray (purchased from Sally Beauty Supply) to make his hair stand up. As a final touch we used a piece of charcoal to make some “scorch” marks on his face and arms and Voila!

Everyone absolutely loved this homemade Struck by Lightning costume… it was a huge hit!

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  1. I love the idea. Great last minute costume idea. I may have to steal the idea in the future if I ever need a last minute costume ! thanks for sharing.


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