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Struck By Lightning Baby Costume

My daughter has naturally crazy hair so I wanted to use that to my advantage and came up with the idea of struck by lightning baby costume.

To Make the  Costume

  • I took a onesie, cut holes in it and then burned the edges. I also put dark eyeshadow in spots to make it look dirty.
  • For the lightning I cut paper in the shape of lightning bolts and then glued it to yellow yarn.
  • For the cloud I cut cardboard into the shape of a cloud and glued cotton balls on it. Then I used dark eyeshadow to make it look like a dark storm cloud.
  • I finished the costume up by putting dark makeup on my daughter’s face.

We love our baby’s crazy hair and that fact that she has enough at 4 months old to pull off this look makes it even better.

Hope you enjoy

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