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Gold Trophy Wife and Master Baiter Couple Costume

In the past my husband and I have created costumes to mimic movie characters such as Zombies, Alice & The Mad Hatter, Professor Dumbledore & Professor McGonagall.  This year we decided to take a more creative approach along with the goal of saving as much money as possible.

WARNING: Do not be surprised to find gold flakes and sparkles in your car after driving to your Halloween Party, all over your bathroom after you have washed it off, and in your bed the next morning after you realized you didn’t quite get behind your ears of the back of your arms.


For the Master Baiter costume the best approach is to use an old pair of boots, pants, work shirt and hat, something you won’t miss after you throw the costume out. Go to your local dollar store and purchase a fishing rod kit (something that includes some fish, and a net), a broken/shortened rod and reel will work as well.

For the Trophy Wife costume a similar approach can be taken using old clothes such as a dress and some high heels. Again at your local dollar store you can get some oven mits, a wooden spoon and a mixing bowl.

Finally for both costumes a bucket or sturdy box to use as a base, black and gold paint and gold make-up.

You will want to start this costume several days before you need it, painting fabric can be tricky and may require some touch ups.  Shopping for the gold make-up may also be a challenge, I would recommend starting that adventure well in advance.

You may also want to avoid gold hair sprays, they are not very effective and have a bad odor (we tried 3 brands with similar disappointing results).

The funnest part of this costume is the preparation, as it’s not everyday you get to cover yourself in gold or smear it all over your husbands face either.

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