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Coolest Double Badminton Trophy Costume

For Halloween, my boyfriend and I decided to create Double Badminton Trophy costumes. We chose to be a doubles badminton trophy (boy and girl). Badminton was the easiest sport to pick as a trophy because the rackets are light and we were able to buy smaller versions to carry around with us. We also wanted to bring a real wooden bottom of a trophy to stand on and strike a pose, but since we were going out it was difficult to bring with us! However you can use this idea for a house party where you can easily store the base!

For my costume (girl): It was very simple because I used old clothes that I didn’t wear anymore. For a top, I chose a plain tank top and for a bottom, an old skirt that ruffled a bit on the bottom to mimic a tennis players skirt. I bought metallic gold spray paint to fully cover all of the clothes. Originally I had bought knee high socks and spray painted them as well but they turned hard and were impossible to wear! I would highly recommend using gold clothing which would make it MUCH easier, but we couldn’t find any.

For shoes, I took an old pair of ripped sneakers and painted those as well. For the band around my head, I had from an old toga party which was originally silver, I painted that as well.

For his costume: My boyfriend bought shorts and a simple t-shirt from a thrift store and spray painted it gold. He added sweatbands on his head and wrist that he spray painted gold. The same ordeal happened with the knee high socks after being painted, so he used regular socks. An old pair of Adidas ripped runners were used as well.

The main part of this costume was the gold body shimmer. We found it at a costume store in Toronto, its in a small container and its dust NOT PAINT. The dust can cover a lot of surface area with very little. Unfortunately, this dust is messy and will get everywhere – so be careful where you apply it. If full coverage is not for you, even adding it in small areas, or a small paint to add a rustic feel to your skin is enough!

Double Badminton Trophy Costume

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  1. I don’t know how long ago this was or even if there will be a response but….. Me and my friends are really big Halloween fans and we dress up in the most creative costumes and you inspired us to make similar costumes. We would like to know what the gold body dust was called or if it came from a specific brand? Me and my friends are all into sports so far we have a gymnast a track runner and a springboard diver.



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