Coolest Homemade Baseball Trophy Costume

This Baseball Trophy Costume was so easy and inexpensive to do. I was inspired by my son’s baseball trophy.

Supplies for this costume: Gold Spray paint, golf hair color spray and gold makeup, his baseball uniform, shirt, pants, cleats, socks, helmet, gloves & a plastic bat. I sprayed painted gold on everything, about 5 cans. I did 3 applications because the fabric would soak up the paint.

After his clothes were spray painted I let it dry and air out for about a week so that it wouldn’t smell like paint. I bought the gold hairspray & makeup at a costume store. I used 1 can for his hair. The makeup was so easy to apply and it washed off easily with soap and water. I applied it to his face, arms & ankles.

He posed like his trophy, look closely, it’s by his shoes.

Homemade Baseball Trophy Costume

Homemade Baseball Trophy Costume

Homemade Baseball Trophy Costume

2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Baseball Trophy Costume”

  1. Just Awesome. The BEST original costume I have ever seen. I have been trying to think of something that has not been seen over and over. This is by far the BEST I have seen!

  2. this is cool…i got the idea a week ago…my daughter who is 12 is going to be a trophy as well…but she will be many trophies and will change it up at every house hehe…just need gold pants and gold makeup

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