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Funny Homemade Couple Costume Idea: Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan

My fiance and I are always looking to get a good laugh with our Halloween costume. We found everything we needed for this costume at GoodWill, except for my wig and the fake cigarette which was purchased at Party City.

This was a super easy costume; finding the wheelchair was probably the most difficult part, but luckily we called around at found one at a nearby GoodWill. The second hardest part was figuring out the illusion of not having legs and making it comfortable to do all night.

I cut slits in the front of my pants in the shin area and put my legs through them. I sat on my knees all night, so to make it more comfortable I added a small pillow to sit on. I tied the remaining fabric by my knee caps to finish the illusion of no legs.

Our costume was an instant hit. We were getting compliments all night and people were asking to get pictures with us left and right. And people seriously thought that I was a man dressed as Lt. Dan! It was so good that we actually won the couples Halloween costume contest!

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