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Coolest Lieutenant Dan Costume – Forrest Gump

So each year I’ve always managed to come up with a super elaborate and detailed costume, and this past Halloween, I managed to out-do my previous years’ costume, and it was a huge hit at every Party I went too. I spent most the time taking pictures with people, and being told how great it looked. Also created a lot of confusion on where my legs were, even managed to convince some girls that I had lost them in a roller coaster accident when I was young. Not sure what I’ll do to top it next year.

So basically it all started three weeks before Halloween when I couldn’t decide on what to wear; and while watching TV one Sunday, I caught Forrest gump on TV, and it hit me right away, Lieutenant Dan is just the costume for me, it will be difficult to pull off, but if I got my hands on the right wig and wheel chair, I knew the hard part be over.

Luckily, I have a friend who Is prop master on a TV show here in NY, and loaned me the wheel chair. But I’m sure you can rent one or find one if you needed to. I got the wig at a costume store. The Hawaiian style shirt and green military pants were my brother’s, I’m sure you’d be able to find these at an Army supply store, and a thrift store. I really lucked out both. I already had dog tags the bandana and aviator glasses, again all relatively easy to find, especially around Halloween. Overall, it’s a rather inexpensive and easy costume, for how elaborate it is.

Before I had put it all on, I was getting doubts that it just wouldn’t be accurate enough to really be effective, but once I sat in that chair fully dressed. me and my brother laughed for a half hour straight about how convincing it was. I made sure I put a lot of thought and effort into the amputated legs effect. I knew this was the key to the costume working.

I basically cut small holes in the back of the pants right at the knees, when I put the pants on, I slid my legs out through the back of the pants, letting the legs of the pants from the knees down hang empty. I twisted them and tied them in knots up to the knee. Once I sat on the chair, I had two ways of hiding my legs. One way looked so real it freaked me out. This was by folding my legs under me and sitting on them in the chair. I also wore black tights under the pants. I knew I couldn’t sit on my legs all night, it was too painful for long periods. So I would mostly do it for pictures or when I first got to parties.  The other way was I’d sit normal in the chair with the pants tied and my legs in the holes out the back and bend them under the seat of the chair. They were pretty much just as hidden. And more comfortable.

For a few extra details, I brought some props, a few tipped cigars (Black and Milds), and a brown paper bag for my drinks.

I’m still getting messages on Facebook, Instagram and texts about how amazing it came out, and that it’s the best costume they’d seen. I’m super happy with the result. Doubt next year I can top it. But who knows; I’ve said that every year so far!


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