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Funny Homemade Clothesline Costume!

This costume all started about 35 years ago when my mom was about my age. My mom and her best friend needed a cheap and easy costume, fast. That’s how the clothesline costume was born. It has now kind of become a family tradition if you want to say that. My sister and her best friend did it about 4 years ago and this year it was my turn.

It is very easy, fast and CHEAP to make. It also can be funny at any age group, but if you plan on going trick or treating be prepared to have many little ones coming up to you with confused expressions saying “What are you?!”. All you need is solid color matching sweat shirts and sweat pants. We used leggings this year because it wasn’t very could outside. You can find these at wall-mart for a little less than $6 each. Next you need clothesline and clothes pins, found at the dollar store. Last, clothes for your line! The crazier the clothes the funnier it is! You can use your own clothes or do what we did and buy some at a used clothing store (but don’t worry, we won’t be using the underwear!).

The grand total came to about $15 a person. Many of these items though people already have so it could turn out to be free. We had so many people stopping us to say how much they loved our costume. We even go extra candy from some people for have the best costume. Halloween was a blast and I can’t wait for next year!

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