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Brick Layer and Brick Couple Costume

My husband has no time for such silly things as costume ideas, so I have, throughout the years, come up with every ‘Couple Costume’. After having gone through the gambit of : Mother Nature & Father Time; Queen Bee & Killer Bee (One of my favorites, although, sadly no pics.) and all sorts of silly couple ideas; I finally arrived at this baby.

I announced our couple costume to him, but told him the drawback was that he would need to make a brick costume. I would be a brick layer and together the Brick Layer and Brick couple costume would be called: “Mortar Life” – (More-to Life…)

After a short trip to who knows where, he arrived with Foam Rubber and rummaged around for some sort of thin wood for a frame and spray paint. I provided him with sketches and I told him he would need straps like a sandwich board and he laughed me off. “No need” he said. Two days later, he arrived with this! His brick costume!

He had built a simple frame and stapled the foam rubber to the sides and top. Cut holes for his arms and face and spray painted it with dark red and a bit of black. This thing was surprisingly light, but he couldn’t sit down. The entire thing was held up by stiff electrical wire tie-strapped to the frame! I thought he would have trouble moving in and out of doorways and he did, only when he had to pass someone in the hallway. It was also difficult for him to urinate – or do any other manner of things – but it was easy to take on and off – if he had room.

Another drawback, we needed a vehicle large enough to drag this thing around.

My favorite was arriving at the party while my husband slipped on his costume in the yard. I came in, announced what I was and did not get a reaction until he appeared in all his wonderful red, brickiness!

It made for a grand entrance, this giant brick and when people saw me and I told them what I was, roars of laughter ensued.

Yes, that’s me, the brick layer! My costume was quite simple and although you can’t see it, I took great care to make a logo for my shirt of the ‘Local 69 Brick Layers Union’. A bit of mortar on my face and I was good to go!

“I’ve been a brick layer for five years now, surely there must be mortar life!”

Brick Layer and Brick Couple Costume

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