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Cool Brick House Costume

I worked for a brick company that was bought by a bigger brick company.  The bigger brick company sent us these HIDEOUS jackets made of fabric that looked like bricks laid in a wall.  I took several of the extra-plus-sized jackets, deconstructed them, and had the fabric made into a dress for Halloween, then took a presentation board and hot glued pieces of wood to them, and attached it to a hard hat liner (for the roof).

Luckily, I had the forethought to put zip ties through the presentation board before I hot glued on the pieces of wood – when I got the presentation board to work in order to add it to the hard hat liner, the guy who found the hard hat liner said that I couldn’t have placed them any better for attaching them to the liner.  The pieces of wood were the veneer boards used to keep brick separate in the bundles, so a forklift can lift the bundles, but I cut them into small pieces.

I wore this costume on a cruise ship, and when I walked into the bar where the costume contest was held, they started playing the song “Brickhouse” by The Commodores.  It was HILARIOUS!  I had lots of people tell me that I should have won, but I didn’t win the costume contest, because they picked the finalists before I even put my costume on (they picked finalists during the day, not at the costume contest).

I’m wearing the costume again this Halloween for a riverboat cruise, and I’m anticipating a great reaction to it again, especially since I live in a town that has a large presence in the brick industry.

The best part about the Brick House costume is that I don’t have a “brickhouse” figure – so it makes it funnier!

Cool Brick House Costume

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