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Coolest Homemade Brick House Costume

In 2009 I was a Brick House (inspiration was the song “Brick House” by the Commodores). The dress was a red cotton material which I tailored to fit me with a cute cut. I measured about 1in by 3in for each brick square and stenciled out the pattern with a pencil. I then went back with fabric paint and painted all the lines white. It kind of smudged a bit but that ended up being ok because the cement between bricks aren’t perfectly straight.

Next, I cut out a door and windows out of felt. I glued those onto the dress. It can be a little naughty with the placement of the door and windows, but I didn’t not allow the door and windows to open! I wore the dress with brown leggings and brown heels. If I had more time I would have added a roof hat (with a chimney) and perhaps made grass/hedge tights with flowers or something. I played the “Brick House” song by the Commodores on repeat at our party… “She’s a BRICK house…. she’s mighty might just letting it all hang out.”

This Homemade Brick House Costume was SUCH a fun costume!

Homemade Brick House Costume

Homemade Brick House Costume

Homemade Brick House Costume

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