This Blooming idiot costume was a last minute idea. I got out my green skirt and blouse and pinned artificial flowers on the outfit. I put a green vine around my neck – I was entertaining the idea of being Mother Nature. I quickly realized that I had more flowers than vines; so a change was needed. I added additional artificial flowers on the outfit.

I wanted to have green hair but was not sure how to make the green show up over my brown hair. After experimenting with several ideas, the experiment that worked the best was using regular hairspray on my hair and then adding the green. This gave the green hairspray something to hold onto and it showed up rather well.

I wore the outfit to work and was asked all day who I was supposed to be. People actually laid eggs when I told them I was a blooming idiot. My boss asked me and when I told him, his only comment was “I’m not going there!”. It was a fun day because no one could guess who I was and the reactions I got when I told them who I was were priceless. I will use the outfit again in a few years.