For Hudson’s first Halloween I wanted to make a comfortable viking costume for him to wear. I decided to crochet the costume but the problem was there wasn’t any patterns to follow for this method so I made it up.  I used gray silver and copper metallic yarn to achive the look of chain maille and metal bands. I purchased a pair of slipper like boots with material to match and wrapped the material around his legs securing it with leather laces.  I wanted to make sure the costume was warm so I used  thermal under shirt and pants. I find this works better then sweats because they are not as bulky.  I purchased a foam sword and shield to complete the ensemble. But what is a Viking without a ship? I convinced my son in law to help me create a crude but fun ship on the babies wagon complete with sail. The neighborhood loved it! They really liked the beard on the hat. I’d say it was quite successful!