Gotta love Despicable Me!  These little minions are the best and funniest little creatures.  They have some great one-liners and for Halloween dressing up as a group of Minions was amazing!  We won a costume contest at the first bar we went to and got a lot of high fives and “awesome costumes!”

It was relatively easy to make – you just need overalls, sticky backed foam paper in black glitter and regular black to create the “G” logo, a yellow sweatshirt, black ski gloves, and black boots.  You will also need black pipe cleaners to make the minion hair.  For the goggles I used a variety of sticky backed foam paper, hot glue and staples.  It was hard to make the pipe cleaners stand up so I had to create a duct tape base on the inside of the sweatshirt hood, make an L shape in the pipe cleaner and sewed the pipe cleaner to the duct tape.  Worked very well!  Only drawback to the costume was that it was a bit hot inside and at times difficult to look out the goggles.  Reccommend this costume!!!