Our little girl has been a bit of a DC Universe fan ever since her uncles got her the Fisher-Price DC Little People.  One of those Little People was, of course, The Joker.  Although you and I know that The Joker is a bit of a terrible person, she took to his fun look and we decided to show her the ’66 Batman TV show version and that cemented her love of him.  She let on that she wanted to dress up as him and the wheels were set in motion.

My mother is a bit of a seamstress and makes pillowcases for a spay and neuter charity (I know, right?) and we asked her if she could help.  The Joker is not a common costume to find for a toddler and most of them were maybe a little cheap and/or scary.  Nana made the jacket and pants, we cobbled together a polo, tux vest, ribbon, gloves and shoes to bring home the look and threw in the makeup.  That last part turned out to push her a little in the Heath Ledger direction, but we were still happy with the results.  We’ve seen a few other little kid Joker costumes but our (biased) opinion is that our was the cutest.