Creating the perfect Barbie & Ken costume was quite a challenge for two people with different creative sides. I’m the visionary/creator mastermind and my husband is the builder. I call him the over builder because he has a tendency to put way too much testosterone into my creative ideas!  I found the outfits at a local craft store and I immediately started to think about Barbie in a box. We went to the toy store and took some pictures of Barbie & Kens. I thought we could build our frames with a tri board that we would paint.

My husband used foam core board instead and painted them pink but that didn’t work well. The night before our costume party we attended a Zombie Prom. We went as Zombie Barbie & Ken but you will see that we remade the costumes for the next night and they were way better. My husband took the photos to the printer and had decals made that we pieced together and used on the back and front of the boxes. He built the frame from PVC pipe and duct tape and for the second party used Tri boards. Worked splendidly! I added some shoes from the Dollar store and got some pull strings so we could talk when pulled.

The costumes were amazing and a huge winner! Many people think we are like Barbie & Ken anyway so it was the perfect creative costume for us! I had to promise my husband I wouldn’t create another costume in a box ever again…wait til I submit this years!