Everything is Awesome LEGO Movie Costumes

After watching The Lego Movie and loving it, we thought about making some characters from the movie.  We just went through a rough summer, with an adoption that fell through four days after we brought home the baby, and our hearts were broken.  We decided we needed a project, and recruited our good friends and their kids to be characters with us!

Using cardboard boxes, a Costco-sized package of packing tape, paint, and styrofoam, we set out!  The bodies and legs were make of boxes that we cut to size, then taped every nook and cranny.  My husband painted them with spray paint and I hand painted the designs on each piece.

The legs were also made of cardboard, just cut to size, taped to the hilt and painted.

The heads were the trickiest part.  We bought sonotube from Home Depot, cut them to size and used putty and spackle to smooth the neck portion.  Once those were painted, we then hand painted the faces and cut out the mouths to look through.

All in all, it took a LONG time to create and many moments during the process we felt like it was so silly to spend so much time on costumes we would wear for one night.  The payoff came when we brought the costumes over to our friend’s home and their reaction was priceless.  We also surprised our friend’s kids at their elementary school and felt famous when kids and parents crowded around with phones out snapping pictures.

We were hoping to get out of the doldrums with this project and it definitely worked!  Too many smiles to count and we’re so happy to share the fun.

Everything is Awesome LEGO Movie Costumes

Everything is Awesome LEGO Movie Costumes

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