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Erupting Mount Vesuvius Costume for a Kindergartener

My son loves reading about Pompeii, so when it came time to chose a Halloween costume, he asked to be Mount Vesuvius. Challenge accepted! I gathered supplies from around the house: a hula hoop, fabric remnants and ribbon. I don’t know how to sew, so I also busted out the glue gun and safety pins! I started by cutting a large sheet of brown fabric in half and hot gluing the bottom edges of both halves to the hula hoop. Then I folded the top edges over a peice of ribbon and hot glued the fabric to itself, making  a drawstring neck. I cut lava shapes out of scrap fabric in red and yellow and hot glued the scraps to another ribbon. This ribbon was just safety pinned around his neck. I ordered four strings of battery operated LED lights online. I safety pinned a ziplock baggie inside the back of the costume to hold the battery packs, and pulled the strings of LED lights out the top of the drawstring to look like sparks. I found a recoradble sound card at our local store and recorded sound effects of volcanoes exploding for my son to play all night. The final touch was a red wig that I ordered online! He was the hit of the night and every kept asking him if he was going to errupt when they gave him candy. He loved that his costume had special effects of lighting and sound effects. I wonder what he’ll ask to be next year?

Erupting Mount Vesuvius Costume for a Kindergartener

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