I wanted to do something I haven’t seen before. I like to do original things. I’m a puppet and props builder and I just like to make creatures and things. I’m a fan of the Labyrinth and of Jim Henson and of David Bowie, so that’s how that came to be. I started by looking for some goblin king costumes online. Once I didn’t find what I wanted to do, I was able to proceed. Now I did see a bunch of Jareth costumes but not like I wanted to do. That’s a plus, I couldn’t find anybody who did the blind beggar character and absolutely no one that did a two part deal like I was planing.

I was able to find a 70’s style jacket at a thrift store so I didn’t have to start that from scratch. I did have to do a bunch of leather work however. I found a shirt at TJ Max that I was able to make look pretty and work for my needs and the wig is a Tina Turner wig. For the puppet, I carved his body out of foam and made pants and a top out of fabric from Jo Ann’s, the same place I got the fabric for the cloak. I made the hat out of wool felt. My first time making a hat and it started out being very big. A little too big, so I had to cut it down and make it look better. I think it turned out pretty OK. I cast the skull out of foam so that it would stay light. The face is molded out of a moldable plastic fabric material then I just painted it to match the character.

His little shoes are made of leather. I did my own makeup to match the goblin king. Everybody familiar with the movie kept saying it looked great and I did an amazing job, which I very much appreciate. It’s cool when people enjoy your work. Then when I would do the transition and tear off the beggar to reveal the goblin king, everybody loved it. A lot of people clapped and a lot of people laughed and said I’m crazy. I might be. I love doing this stuff. Check out my website piratemonkeyart.com. Thanks for your consideration.  Happy Halloween!