We actually built most of this costume for Halloween 2012, but after Hurricane Sandy hit NYC (where we live) there weren’t many Halloween celebrations going on. So, we put it all away and pulled it out for 2013. Dad is the one with all of the technical and creative skills, but Mom and King Kong helped too!

The Empire State Building is built out of foam and held together with spray glue and hot glue. We cut out stencils for the windows, and Dad used an airbrush to paint them on. The top of the tower is a combination of foam core, foam, and even a plastic to go container for the dome on top.

Mom’s white clothes were airbrushed with buildings on the legs and sky on the top, and then she carried a mobile of biplanes to hover around the building. King Kong carried a doll who was spray painted grey to look just like Ann Darrow in the black and white movie. (Did you know that was her name?)

King Kong was in a woven wrap on Dad’s back, wearing the costume from the waist up, and the legs you see on the outside of the building were stuffed and velcro’d in place. She wasn’t particularly happy to be in there for very long so Mom had to keep a steady supply of “King Kong Treats” to keep her from really clawing her way out of there. At the big Halloween festival in Tribeca she wanted outta there, so Dad roamed around inside the building all by himself.

Carrying all of this on the subway got us some funny looks, and a few smiles from the people who could tell what it was going to be when it was all put together. We had a great time wearing this to Halloween parties, even if it was complicated to fit through doorways!