Coolest Homemade King Kong and Skyscraper Couple Costume

I really wanted to do a costume that included my newborn son. I always called him a monkey, so when I was looking for monkey suits online, I couldn’t find one that I wanted. I then came up with the idea as him being King Kong! I thought, if he was King Kong, then I could be a skyscraper!… and so I created this homemade King Kong and skyscraper couple costume.

I bought fabric for my costume, using a beige color for the actual building. I made windows all over the building, using black and yellow fabric (this made it look like lights were on and off). I made a hat out of poster board, which represented the very top of the skyscraper.

I then made the gorilla costume for my son. I sewed a barbie doll to his sleeve, so it looked like he was carrying a “damsel in distress.” By me holding him, it looked like King Kong was climbing up the skyscraper!!

Homemade King Kong and Skyscraper Couple Costume