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Awesome Homemade Gorilla Costume for a Boy

So, every year my husband and I ask our boys what they want to be for Halloween, our most favorite-est holiday of the year. We are sure to ask in plenty of time, so that we can envision and create totally awesome costumes for them. It is a family tradition I suppose you could say. We do this because we want our children to understand that when you posess gifts such as creativity and art, that you should use them. It also teaches them to work hard in all they do, to have pride in their work, and to let their individuality shine!

This year my six year old son Kailer, is obsessed with gorillas. He just loves them and it was no surprise that he decided, with no hesitatation, to be one for Halloween. I thought this was going to be quite difficult, but my husband had ideas. I should know not to doubt him, he’s pulled off some pretty cool stuff. He’s the artist for sure.

It all began with some purple syrofoam that Dad had left over from work. And he just staryed carving. He carved the face of a gorilla, added a forehead, then took some elastic from my craft box. At first it looked nothing like a gorilla and I was a smidge worried…..but not for long.

I grabbed some pleather from the fabric store and some pretend fur. We picked up a black sweat suit and some black gloves, some paint, and styrofoam balls. That was all!

We turned the sweat suit inside out, hot glued the fur on the ankles and wrists. We cut out a gorilla-looking belly from the pleather and added a little fur inside the belly button. (my husband’s idea, a touch that I thought was brilliant) I glued some gorilla-looking hands to the gloves, made from pleather. The styrofoam balls were used for the eyes and Dad added some fur on the head with hot glue. The back of the mask was an old sweatshirt to slip over Kai’s head. Then the elastic to secure on the head. After it was painted Kailer saw the masterpiece and he was thrilled!

Everyone got a huge kick out of the gorilla this year and could not believe it was handmade. Kailer was so proud to tell everyone that his Daddy made it. He was so appreciative and it was the best. He won first place in our city’s costume contest. Most original, naturally. It was hands-down, the coolest costume I’ve ever seen. And I think my husband thought he’d done a pretty darn good job as well.

Here are some photos. Kai had taken off his gorilla hands in these, but I think you’ll get the idea. Thank you!!!

Awesome Homemade Gorilla Costume for a Boy

Awesome Homemade Gorilla Costume for a Boy

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