As an 80’s kid, I was always fascinated and terrified of the movie labyrinth. The root of these mixed emotions came from the one and only David Bowie. I simply couldn’t decide if I was scared of him, or wanted to be him. Now, as an adult, I realize it was the latter, so I whipped this costume up, thanks to a mix of retail purchases, a little DIY, and some help from Hoggle.

The wig, doll, scarf, and boots, were purchased. The shirt, vest, and pants were DIY from a pattern. My “bubble gloves” were also a nice DIY project, made from nothing more than a clear plastic Christmas ornament. The reaction to my costume was amazing. I have never been photographed so much in my life, I felt like I was either famous, or on an episode of Cops, by the end of the night.

I recommend this costume to anyone looking for an easy way to impress, while waxing nostalgia. Of course, some people will mistake you for an 80’s mom, but you don’t want those people in your life anyway.

…and as always, you remind me of the babe.